20/20 VISION

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?”
(Mark 8:18)

When I was younger, I used to brag about how good my eyesight was. I could read signs on the road from long distances. I had perfect 20/20 vision.

But about the time I turned 40 my vision started going downhill. I began to notice that the words on pages of books were getting fuzzy. The closer I held the book, the fuzzier the words were. I started holding the book further away so I could see it clearly. But my arms got too short – well, they just weren’t long enough. So I purchased a pair of reading glasses. That helped for a while. I bought a stronger pair of reading glasses. But I had to take them off to see distances clearly. I didn’t like having to take glasses off & on all day.

I finally broke down and went to an optometrist (eye-doctor). The doctor prescribed a pair of bifocals with corrective lenses for close-up and plain glass for distance. Then I turned 50. I noticed that even my distant vision was getting blurry. Now I have bifocals with corrective lenses for both distance and close-up vision. Unfortunately, the computer screen is right in-between the two – it’s still blurry. What’s next?

Just as we sometimes struggle with physical vision, I believe God’s children often struggle with spiritual vision. We can become spiritually nearsighted as we focus on the physical and temporal things of this world. Or we can become spiritually farsighted as we worry about circumstances and the future. Sometimes we need to adjust our focus so we can once regain 20/20 spiritual vision. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve your spiritual vision…

  • Stop focusing on rules and regulations & refocus on relationship with God.
  • Stop focusing on physical things & refocus on spiritual matters.
  • Stop focusing on the temporal treasures & refocus on eternal values.
  • Stop focusing on circumstances & refocus on God’s blessings.
  • Stop focusing on self & refocus on Jesus.

How is your spiritual vision? Is it 20/20?

Dear Lord,
I confess that I often get my eyes off You and focus on myself.
It’s so easy to focus on circumstances or material things in this world.
Help me to refocus on eternity. Help me to refocus on Jesus.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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