“Restore us, O God; make your face shine upon us,
that we may be saved.”
(Psalm 80:3)

Last weekend was Halloween. People dressed up in all kinds of costumes – super-heroes, political characters, cartoon characters, animals, and more. But every year, many people also dress up as witches, vampires, and zombies. Some people decorate their homes to be a little spooky for trick-or-treaters. Haunted houses are very popular during the Halloween season. And October is also the time for horror movies and zombie movies. For some reason, people enjoy being scared and scaring others.

I’ve been thinking a lot about revival lately. It dawned on me that revival may be a little like Halloween. Both can be scary! People are scared of revival because they’re afraid God may ask them to make some changes in life. For instance, God may ask me…

–  to swallow my pride and surrender to His agenda
–  to give up some habit or sin that I kinda enjoy
–  to be authentic, open, and transparent
–  to confess or repent publicly
–  to reconcile with a friend or family member
–  to change my daily routine to spend more time with Him
–  to cut out some activity that is hindering my walk with Him
–  to get rid of some of my treasured possessions or toys
–  to start giving more to His work
–  to give up my weekends of fun and leisure for church

Does it sound scary? You see, we’re all pretty comfortable with life as we know it, and we don’t really want to make any drastic changes. Truth be told, we are actually a little scared of what a serious commitment to Jesus Christ might involve. So, maybe we don’t really want revival. Oh, we give it lip-service – but maybe it’s not really for me. After all, I like being in charge and calling the shots in my life. I don’t really want to let God be in charge. He might upset my comfortable lifestyle

How about you? Does revival scare you? It scares me, too. But, in the end, revival will be worth it all. God will revive your heart. He will restore the joy of your salvation. You will enjoy a renewed love-relationship with Jesus. And if revival spreads to enough people, churches, and communities, it may even turn America around again.

Dear Lord,
I admit that revival sounds a little scary.
But I come before You humbly and surrender to You!
Revive my soul today!

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